frame refresh or redraw for records?

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Wed Sep 26 11:58:16 CEST 2007


my actual code is a bit too long to post here, but this is how the code
works : the application loads, the first screen appears. it is to view the
records in a database, so you can scroll and view records by clicking on the
standard navigation buttons ( |<, <<, >>, >| ).

the problem is that since all my navigation code is in one class, and the
display class is called from class navigation() to make frame and the
buttons, the frame and buttons are reloaded afresh each time.  this means
that if the text fields' lengths vary, the frame messily tends to move
around to accommodate them.

1. is it wrong (ie. inefficient/ slower/ BAD pgming practice!) to reload the
frame and its children widgets every time?
2. is there a way to clear the frame of the child widgets? - this would
solve the problem of the Jumping Buttons! frame.destroy() seems to be
crashing my  whole application. is there another way?

is it possible to make a function so that every time the main values change,
a series of events is triggered?

i'm sorry, i've searched quite a bit for this frame business, and so far
it's either not worked/ been incomprehensible!

thank you for your patience -
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