Nested For and While Statements

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Tue Sep 25 03:20:59 CEST 2007

Roberto Bonvallet <rbonvall at> writes:

> On Sep 24, 3:28 pm, kou... at wrote:
> > [...] where I start getting some errors.
> > I'm hoping I won't have to post my code
> "Doctor, I'm feeling bad.  I hope I won't have to tell you my
> symptoms.  What do I have?"
> Please provide the actual errors and the actual code.  It is easier,
> less error prone and more useful to copy and paste them instead of
> writing some pseudocode.

Far better is to ask the querent to provide a minimal example that
demonstrates the problem.

"Minimal" in this case means "if I take away any part of this code,
the described behaviour no longer occurs". While that's not true, keep
whittling away at the example code until it *is* true, so we know that
all the code is necessary to repeat the problem.

Only then should you post the code — if, of course, you haven't yet
seen the solution with your own eyes.

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