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Tom  Brown wrote:

> On Thursday 06 September 2007 15:44, Torsten Bronger  wrote:
>> Hallöchen!
>> Tom Brown  writes:
>> > [...] Python has been by far the easiest to develop  in.  Some
>> > people might say it is not "real programming"  because it is so
>> > easy.
>> I can't  believe this.  Have you really heard such a statement?
>  Yes. I was told this by a C programmer. Something about doing it all
>  yourself and not using provided packages. I countered with something  about
> reinventing the wheel. :)

Point this so-called "C  Programmer" toward Henry Spencer's "Ten Commandments
of C  Programming".  Note in particular rule 7:

7. Thou shalt study thy libraries and strive not to reinvent  them
without cause, that thy code  may be short and readable and thy
days pleasant and productive.

You can find the whole list  here:



_bgates at microsoft.com_ (mailto:bgates at microsoft.com) ? This seems  like Bill 
Gates' email,does he also like Python? :-)

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