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Amer Neely perl4hire at
Sat Sep 15 16:18:24 CEST 2007

Bryan Olson wrote:
> Amer Neely wrote:
>> This seems to indicate that maybe my host needs to configure Apache to 
>> run python scripts? But I didn't need to do anything with mine.
> Another possibility: If it works on Windows but not Unix, check
> the end-of-line characters. Windows ends each line with the two
> character sequence carriage-return + newline, which in Python
> is "\r\n". Unix uses newline alone, "\n".
> Most Unixies will choke on a #! line with a carriage return.
> The Python interpreter will accept source files with either
> end-of-line on either system, but of course you'll not get
> that far unless the operating system respects the shebang line.
> Maybe you already checked that. Hmmm...other possiblities...
> Do you have shell access? Can you executing it directly from
> the shell? Do you get a Python error, or some other?
> Did you:  chmod ugo+rx <yourscript>
> Is Python in /usr/bin? What does "which python" say?
> Generally, most experts seem to prefer:
>     #!/usr/bin/env python
> You might try changing the the extension of your script from .py
> to .cgi. Windows uses the .py to choose the executable, but Unix
> does not care; it used the shebang line.

I tried `which python` and `whereis python` and got 0 back as a result. 
So it seems Python is not installed at all.

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