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rieh25 robertoedwins at
Thu Sep 6 01:32:50 CEST 2007

Is it such a bad idea that it doesn't deserve a reply?

rieh25 wrote:
> I've been thinking about a module (actually I have it partially
> implemented in Zope), that would do the following things:
> - Read the structure of a MySql database (fill a dictionary with it)
> In order to:
> - Quickly create detail/filter/update forms given a table name (without
> specifying the fields because they have already been detected)
> - Keep state of record selection. In order to implement Master-Detail form
> processing, with unlimited levels of parent-child table relations, which
> have also been detected already (foreign keys)
> - Management of interrelation between security and menus (a user can only
> access certain parts of the application)
> I think that Ruby on Rails does something similar, but still I thing it
> would be interesting to implement it in Python. What do you think?

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