Tutorial or Example (or Tutorial) of Using Canvas to Produce a Plot

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Wed Sep 19 04:39:05 CEST 2007

Ah, I missed your link to Chap 11. That looks very helpful.

W. Watson wrote:
> Thanks. I've arranged for an inter-library loan(ILL), and probably will 
> not get his book for several days yet. I've had the book before, but was 
> really unable to get the time to pursue it (the ILL). I have his web 
> site bookmarked. I do not yet plan to buy his book, web or hardbound 
> yet. Maybe I can re-examine his site for examples, and find one that is 
> appropriate.
> Richard Townsend wrote:
>> On Tue, 18 Sep 2007 13:18:36 -0700, "W. Watson"
>> <wolf_tracks at invalid.com> wrote:
>>> Tk is it. I'm really not interested in the others at this point.
>> John Grayson's book 'Python and Tkinter Programming' has a chapter on
>> plotting Graphs and Charts. You can even download that chapter as a
>> PDF file:
>> http://www.manning-source.com/books/grayson/grayson_ch11.pdf
>> See http://www.manning.com/grayson/ for more info about the book.

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