Using python to create windows apps that everyone can use?

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Thu Sep 20 11:08:26 CEST 2007

On Sep 19, 9:46 pm, Simon Hibbs <simon.hi... at> wrote:
>  On 9/18/07, Thomas Harding <tomhard... at> wrote:
>  > Hi guys, sorry to post another topic on this, as I am aware that it
> has
>  > already been posted a few times, but not with specifically what I
> am looking
>  > for. I want an app that makes a gui interface for python (similar
> to
>  > Microsoft visual studio or qt designer, not a code based one) and/
> or an app
>  > that can make this into a .exe that can be opened by any person on
> any
>  > computer without python installed.
> For windows only, there's always Iron Python. This allows you to use
> Visual Studio, the commercial or the express version, to create the
> GUI in VB or C# and from that call Python code that does all the heavy
> lifting.

Any pointers to that. I might have to get started soon with Visual
Studio, as our company *might* move to an all-windows development
environment.... *sigh*

/me still hopes that I can convince them that 1) developing on Linux
is at all not too shabby, and that 2) Python is a great Language! ;)

So far I am making good progress on point 2. :)

> I'd second the recommendation for QtDesigner if you want cross-
> platform capability.
> Simon Hibbs

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