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On Sep 14, 1:00 am, Jonathan Gardner
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> On Sep 12, 9:38 pm, Prateek <sure... at> wrote:
> > Have you checked out Brainwave?
> > We provide a schema-free non-relational database bundled with an app
> > server which is basically CherryPy with a few enhancements (rich JS
> > widgets, Cheetah/Clearsilver templates). Free for non-commercial use.
> You might want to rethink how you are handling databases. What sets
> your database apart from hierarchical or object-oriented databases? Do
> you understand why people prefer relational databases over the other
> options? There's a reason why SQL has won out over all the other
> options available. You would do well to understand it rather than
> trying out things we already know do not work.

I didn't mention any details in my previous post. Basically, the
Brainwave database is very similar to an RDF triple store which
captures semantic information.
There are some fundamental differences however, (e.g. a simplified
API, no schema, ability to store objects by introspecting and breaking
it up into its primitives etc.)

In general, it works well if you're dealing with a lot of unstructured
data or even semi-structured/structured data where the structure is
constantly changing. Key areas of benefit are in terms of integrating
legacy databases and also analytics heavy applications. This is
because there is no concept of normalized/denormalized schemas so your
data does not need to go through any structural transformations in
preparation for OLAP use.

Since we're new, I probably won't recommend using it with very very
large data-sets. However, we've seen significant benefits with small
and medium sized data-sets. At any rate, whatever you choose, you can
import and export all data in CSV/XML at any time so your data is

Some of the benefits I have described above have been shown to be
areas of concern when dealing with SQL stores. There is a lot of
research and many opinion pieces available on this subject. I'd be
happy to discuss any aspect with you further.

Sorry for the delayed response. I've been in and around airplanes for
the last 24 hours (and its not over yet).


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