Python Unicode to String conversion

thijs.braem at thijs.braem at
Sun Sep 16 19:11:33 CEST 2007

Sorry for answering so late. Thanks a million! This code snippet
helped me solve the problem.

I think I will be using SQLAlchemy for these sorts of things from now
on though, it seems to be taking care of these things itself, on top
of being one hell of a handy ORM of course :)


On 1 sep, 09:17, iapain <iap... at> wrote:
> First make sure your DB encoding is UTF-8 not the latin1
> > The error I keep having is something like this:
> > ERREUR:  Séquence d'octets invalide pour le codage «UTF8» : 0xe02063
> then try this:
> def smart_str(s, encoding='utf-8', errors='strict'):
>     """
>     Returns a bytestring version of 's', encoded as specified in
> 'encoding'.
>     """
>     if not isinstance(s, basestring):
>         try:
>             return str(s)
>         except UnicodeEncodeError:
>             return unicode(s).encode(encoding, errors)
>     elif isinstance(s, unicode):
>         return s.encode(encoding, errors)
>     elif s and encoding != 'utf-8':
>         return s.decode('utf-8', errors).encode(encoding, errors)
>     else:
>         return s

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