is it possible to use different font within one wxpython static text widget?

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Wed Sep 12 18:05:54 CEST 2007

On Sep 12, 10:26 am, "hyena" <a... at> wrote:
> problem is as title, bear me if this too silly or too naive.
> I use wx.statictext widget to show some information in GUI, there are some
> numbers in the text to be emphasized in bigger other color. For example, in
> sentence "the travel speed of this car is 40 km /hour", I would like "40" to
> be bigger and in red color. I know I can use several statictext to get this
> effect. But i am quite relucktant to do so since I am quite unfamiliar with
> manageing the layout of widgets.
> Is there a convinient way to have this done? Thanks for any .input

Without knowing what kind of interface you're making, I can only shoot
in the dark. From your question, I would think that the FancyText
widget would suffice. Other widgets that would be harder to use would
be the StyledTextCtrl and the HtmlWindow (which I use for About

Check out the wxPython Demo for sample code on each of these widgets
and sizers. Also see the Wiki for tips and tricks on using Sizers.
There's a new SizedControl that's supposed to simplify creating
layouts, although I haven't used it. And there's also XRC too.


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