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Spoke too soon, just wrapped them in int() and it works a charm :-D




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Hello Guys,


Finally got around to sitting down to tidy up this script this morning but
I'm having a small syntax problem with os.kill() to kill a process on my
system. Here is the code:


def killApplication():


       pid = file('/var/lock/MyApplication.lock').read().strip()

      'Killing Application Process: %s' % pid)


       os.kill(pid, 15)

'Application %s Killed' % pid)


As you can see if rips the PID from the lock file, which works fine as I get
log data which says 'Killing Application Process: 3079' exactly as I would
expect it too. However when I run this script I get the following error:


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/pblue/new/", line 50, in ?


  File "/pblue/new/", line 47, in main


  File "/pblue/new/", line 43, in doCheck


  File "/pblue/new/", line 28, in killApplication

    os.kill(pid, 15)

TypeError: an integer is required


Which would suggest its passing those arguments in as the wrong data types
to the kill command. What is the best way to convert these?


Thanks guys,



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