Automation and scheduling of FrontPage publishing using Python

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Sat Sep 1 09:04:06 CEST 2007

Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
> In message <mailman.250.1188620292.28954.python-list at>, Steve
> Holden wrote:
>> Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
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>>> andrew.arobert at wrote:
>>>> We have numerous web sites which are currently being manually
>>>> published via Front Page.
>>>> Doing one or two sites on an ad-hoc basis was not too bad but we are
>>>> now over 20 or thirty at set times during a business day.
>>> Let me open the bidding by suggesting that you stop using FrontPage.
>> But that would mean reprogramming the functionality they now implement
>> using FrontPage extensions. Any help with that?
> If they were using FrontPage extensions, they deserve everything they get.

While possibly justifiable, given that FrontPage has had holes you could 
drive a London double-decker but through since time immemorial, it isn't 
a terribly helpful observation. And they clearly *are* using FrontPage 
extensions, since the OP states that rsync and RoboCopy leave "the front 
page extensions and navigation/etc [...] broken".

Not everyone reads the literature even well enough to know about 
well-known problems like FrontPage. Whether such ignorance deserves to 
be punished by such open-ended retribution is arguable, and I think I'd 
come down on the "no" side.

The only mistake they made was trusting the vendor to provide secure 
solutions ...

[Andrew: sorry to drag you into this discussion - I don't know whether 
you were aware of FrontPage's security issues or not. If not, you should 
certainly think about reading up on them].

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