your opinion on book "Foundations of Python Network Programming"?

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Sat Sep 29 08:17:06 CEST 2007

On Sep 28, 12:38 pm, "sean tierney" <sean.pythonl... at> wrote:
> I just read it (though I bought it half a year ago...don't judge :).
> Author recommends Python 2.3 and above...and as far as I know the
> examples are good.  And if anything IS outdated -- you'll be able to
> do some quick research to get you to where you need to be...and he
> does mention code several areas of change/addition/modification. (ie
> urllib and urllib2).  He uses a couple of 3rd party projects too.
> I really liked the book.  I think Goerzen did a good job.  He
> addresses the code in the context of the problem the code is meant to
> solve, which I found helpful.  That said, it's not a substitute for
> actually reading the code.
> ...if you haven't read the most recent edition of Programming Python
> by Mark Lutz (O'Reilly), I'd recommend that first.  Programming Python
> covers (some) networking and everything else.  More bang for the $$.
> Sean

Sean, thanks for your review and recommendation of the book
Programming Python. atm, i'm looking for a book that has detailed
coverage on networking. so "Foundations of ..." seems to be a good
choice for me.

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