Setting stdout encoding

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at
Tue Sep 11 12:58:03 CEST 2007

> You could place code like that on
> I think this should be fixed on Eclipse/pydev. If they replace sys.stdout
> with a different object - they should make sure it has the right behavior.
> Same for IDLE if it's broken too.

Thanks for the tip... I wasn't aware of ( does call
that just before removing setdefaultencoding() from sys, so I can still use
sys.setdefaultencoding)... actually, setencoding() from does have
what I would like to execute:
    if 0:
        # Enable to support locale aware default string encodings.
        import locale
        loc = locale.getdefaultlocale()
        if loc[1]:
            encoding = loc[1]

I just don't get why the code has that "if 0:" instead of getting it from
some user-config (like env variable or parameters passed)...

Anyways, thanks a lot... I think I can arrange in providing a from pydev with that structure.


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