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Wed Sep 12 17:14:35 CEST 2007

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 <kyosohma at> wrote:
>You can also use threads, which is a little bit more portable than
>using Python's fork methodology, or so I've read. The concepts on this
>page can be applied to any GUI toolkit you choose:
>I've used them with wxPython, but iirc, Lutz does something quite
>similar with Tkinter in his latest edition of "Programming Python".
>I think what Michele is referring to is the subprocess module, which
>is also useful.

Let's make it even more definite:  read <URL: >
for details about the subprocess module.

Don, you describe do-something-and-retrieve-the-
results, and ask about inter-task communications.
We can give more pointed advice with just a few more
details:  is it OK for your application to block 
during a do-something-and-retrieve-the-results
sequence?  Is it acceptable, for example, that some-
one push a button on your GUI, Python directs an HTTP
query, then the GUI freezes until the answer returns?
If your application can behave so, the programming
will be more direct than if you require the retrievals
to be done "in the background" while the GUI remains

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