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>>> "E.D.G." wrote:
>>> Where is Perl described in the C standard?  This seems rather OT.
>> It has been my experience that a person who is an expert with one computer
>> language can usually do reasonably well when working with other languages.
>> I am trying to find some people who can assist with getting a Perl program
>> running.  It would probably be easier for expert programmers in any language
>> to help with this type of work compared with people such as myself who are
>> not experts in any programming language.
>CBFalconer's point is that this newsgroup (comp.lang.c, where he and I
>are both reading this) is for discussion of the C programming
>language.  If you want to discuss something other than C, please find
>another forum.  Massive cross-posts like this are rarely appropriate.

IOW (for the OP and for the various readers in all these groups):

	The rod up Keith's butt has a rod up its butt.

Note, incidentally, that this thread is yet the latest occurrence of a
phenomenon that I've observed many times in the past, and have
described here in clc on more than a few occasions.  That is, somebody
starts a thread, posted to several different groups, in the hope of
getting help from at least one of them.  The thread is pretty much
on-topic for most of the groups, primarily because the keepers of most
of the groups do not have rods up their butts.

However, and this is the big however, one of the groups listed just
happens to be clc, where rod-filled butts are the norm.  The result is
that all of the responses come from clc (including, of course, this one)
and, as we see, it's all topicality BS, and nobody ever ends up
discussing the original subject.   Really a pity, that.

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