adodb with mysql - connection string syntax for filepath

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Hi. Firstly, thank you both very much for the response!

Cliff, I did some more reading up about it after  you corrected me re MySQL
not being a _language_  but another means of storing data (would you believe
NONE of the connection tutorials actually said that?!) Anyway, now I have
MySQL on my machine, and it's installed - if I say "import MySQLdb" in
python prompt, it does that, but I can't see any exe in the program's folder
itself: does that mean tables can only be created by code? *puzzled*

Steve, thank you too, I looked up the link you had given, but I do not yet
know which part of that site may help me... And I am now going to struggle
with Dive Into Python before attempting much else!

This is a nice, helpful mailing group!

Thanks again.

On 17/09/2007, Mridula Ramesh <mridula.ccpl at> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Hi. I am not very tech-savvy so please pardon me if this is a stupid
> question: so far I have been googling for about 4 days to find help for
> this, so now I am desperate! :)
> How do you use adodb with mysql to connect to a file that is on your
> machine?
> Also, could you please recommend to me a good resource to learn more about
> classes and modules from? i don't understand half of the _init_ business
> that many sites mention. (This *is* something even a newbie needs to learn,
> right?)
> Thank you!
> M.R.S.



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