Python Database Apps

Ivo ivonet at
Tue Sep 11 23:26:07 CEST 2007

darien.watkins at wrote:
> Kindof a poll, kindof curiosity...
> What is your favorite python - database combination?  I'm looking to
> make an app that has a local DB and a server side DB.  I'm looking at
> python and sqlite local side and sql server side.
> Any suggestions????
> Darien
If you like to make a kind of stand alone app with a database, SQLite a 
good choice. It is easy to embed into your app. If you keep to ANSI SQL 
there should be no trouble changing databases at a later date.
I use SQLite for my WebSite and it performs great.
The whole database is less than 1Mb including the SQLite module for 
python. No 50Mb install needed if you just want a simple database.
It makes my website very portable and easy to install.

MySQL works great to. I have used it a lot and it is very available. 
Just about every provider can provide you one.


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