Newbie completely confused

Jeroen Hegeman jeroen.hegeman at
Mon Sep 24 17:51:06 CEST 2007

> Your code does NOT include any statements that could have produced the
> above line of output -- IOW, you have not posted the code that you
> actually ran.

Oh my, I must have cleaned it up a bit too much, hoping that people  
would focus on the issue instead of the formatting of the output  
strings! Did you miss your morning coffee???

> Your code is already needlessly monstrously large.
Which I realised and apologised for beforehand.

> And Python 2.5.1 does what? Strike 3.

Hmm, I must have missed where it said that you can only ask for help  
if you're using the latest version... In case you're wondering, 2.5.1  
is not _really_ that wide-spread as most of the older versions.

> For handling the bit extraction stuff, either
> (b) do a loop over the bit positions

Now that sounds more useful. I'll give that a try.


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