An Editor that Skips to the End of a Def

W. Watson wolf_tracks at
Fri Sep 21 05:24:40 CEST 2007

Is vim just an editor or is it capable of running and debugging a program, 
as well?

W. Watson wrote:
> Maybe I'll take a look. When I left the world of Unix/Linux 10 years 
> ago, emacs went with it, as did vi.
> Paul Rudin wrote:
>> "W. Watson" <wolf_tracks at> writes:
>>> Thanks, but no thanks. The learning curve is way too steep.
>> Up to you but, these days emacs comes with all sorts of
>> pointing-clicky-menu-y type things - you don't really have to learn
>> anything to get started.
>> (It even gives useful advice on top-posting if you use it as a news
>> client :/)

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