setuptools without unexpected downloads

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Sep 27 17:44:53 CEST 2007

kyosohma at wrote:

> What would it entail to do this? Using py2exe + some installer (like
> Inno Setup) to create an installer that basically copies/installs the
> files into the site-packages folder or wherever the user chooses?

if the file is properly built, "python bdist_wininst"
builds an installer that does exactly that.

ideally, someone doing this would:

1) build EXE installers and EGG:s for a reasonable number of Python 
versions (e.g. 2.3 and newer) for selected releases.  if possible, using 
the same compilers as used for the core distribution.

2) test the installers in some way (at least some kind of "sanity
checking" is necessary; i.e. installing the kit and checking that the 
core modules can at least be imported).

3) if necessary, work with upstream providers to fix/improve 
and test code.


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