Importing Module To Use Variables In A Second Module

rshepard at rshepard at
Thu Sep 27 23:30:10 CEST 2007

  I'm stymied by what should be a simple Python task: accessing the value of
a variable assigned in one module from within a second module. I wonder if
someone here can help clarify my thinking. I've re-read Chapter 16 (Module
Basics) in Lutz and Ascher's "Learning Python" but it's not working for me.

  In one module (the "source"),, three wxPython widgets
display values that are assigned to variables: curVar, UoDlow, and UoDhigh.
I want to display then in equivalent widgets on a wxPython notebook tab in a
different module, the "importer."

  At the top of the importer module I have:

from variablePage import curVar, UoDlow, UoDhigh

and I try to display the values of those variables in widgets on this page.
But, python complains:

    from variablePage import curVar, UoDlow, UoDhigh
ImportError: cannot import name curVar

  I've also tried

import variablePage as VP

  and referenced the variables as VP.curVar, VP.UoDlow, and VP.UoDhigh, but
python still doesn't like this:

  File "/data1/eikos/", line 364, in loadParVar
    first = VP.curVar
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'curVar'

  Both of these forms are used in the book (pages 260-261) in simple
examples. I also get errors if I try importing using the class name before
the variable name.

  A clue stick would be very helpful since I am not seeing just what I'm
doing incorrectly.


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