Python Unicode to String conversion

Richard Levasseur richardlev at
Mon Sep 17 06:33:14 CEST 2007

> On 1 sep, 09:17, iapain <iap... at> wrote:
> > First make sure your DB encoding is UTF-8 not the latin1

It took me days to figure out what was going on when dealing with
unicode, ascii, latin1, utf8, decodeerrors, etc, so I'm just chiming
in to echo something similar iapain's comments:

When dealing with unicode, i've run into situations where I have
multiple encodings in the same string, usually latin1 and utf8
(latin1 != ascii, and latin1 != utf8, and they don't play nice
together). So, for future readers, if you have problems dealing with
unicode encode and decode, try using a mix of latin1 and utf8
encodings to figure out whats going on, and what characters are
fubar'ing the process.

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