Python 3K or Python 2.9?

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TheFlyingDutchman <zzbbaadd at> writes:

(Please, preserve attribution lines so it's clear who wrote what in
your quoted material.)

> >     >>>, "spam")
> >     >>>"spam")
> That looks like a case of "There's more than one way to do it". ;)

Indeed, but there's only one *obvious* way to do it. (The latter, in
this case.)

> The first form is definitely consistent with the method declaration,
> so there's a lot to be said for using that style when teaching
> people to make classes -> send self, receive self.

Sure, go ahead and teach that way if you like; it'll work fine.

> I think I saw where Guido Van Rossum had referred to something as
> "syntactic sugar" in some page. I am not familiar with
> sugar as related to syntax. Is it being used as a synonym for
> "easier way of doing it"?

Specifically an easier way of doing it provided by the language syntax
(hence "syntactic sugar"). As in, "the form 'foo += 1' is syntactic
sugar for 'foo = foo + 1'".

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