SQLite and coercing to Unicode - please help.

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Thu Sep 6 13:50:15 CEST 2007

special_dragonfly wrote:
> That helped immensely Steve thank you. You're right, this is my first really 
> big project ever really, not just in Python.
> Just to clarify, my UPDATE statement instead of looking like this:
> longstring="UPDATE SecB SET 
> currencyCode='"+Values[1]+"',issuerName='"+Values[2] 
> "',instrName='"+Values[3]+\
>                     "',instrShortName='"+Values[4]+"',instrType='"+Values[5]+"',secCode='"+Values[6]+\
>                     "',SEDOL='"+Values[7]+"',Date='"+Values[8]+"',SuspendedState='"+Values[9]+\
>                     "',bidPrice='"+Values[10]+"',offerPrice='"+Values[11]+"',midPrice='"+Values[12]+\
>                     "',standardMarketSize='"+Values[13]+"',openOrClosed='"+Values[14]+\
>                     "' WHERE secBoardId='"+Values[0]+"'"
> cursor.execute(longstring)
> should instead look more like this:
> cursor.execute('UPDATE SecB SET 
> (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)',tuple(Values[1:])) ?
Closer. It really needs to be more like

cursor.execute("""UPDATE SecB
    SET currencyCode=?, issuerName=?, instrName=?,
    WHERE secBoardId=?""", data)

In this case, since the secBoardID is used as the last parameter, data 
really needs to be se at

    data = tuple(Values[1:] + Values[:1])

But of course it would probably be easier to assemble Values in the 
right order in the first place. You will still need to turn it into a 
tuple, however, for cursor.execute().

> The Elements list was from a time when it looked less pretty than it does 
> now, where I iterated through it and didn't catch errors at all.
> Thank you again for your help and when it's finished and working I'll repost 
> it online somewhere for ideas on how to optimise it slightly more!
> Dominic
Good one!

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