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>> yadin wrote:
>> > if i were up to make a GUI chich are the advantages of choosing python
>> > over matlab or java?
>> As MatLab has a very lousy GUI,
>> any other language would be an advantage ;-)
>> The best is Delphi,
>> second is VB,
>> then comes SciLab, Python, etc
>> I don't know where Java fits in.
>> But as Wildemar said, your question is much to broad.
>> cheers,
>> Stef
> Form a newbie's point of view, Java's Swing Libraries (gui
> stuff) are pretty easy to get to grips with, if a bit big.
> They are also incredibly well documented, and are distributed
> by sun with the core language.

Since you can use Swing from Python, it seems a false
dichotomoty to choose between Java and Python based on how well
you like Swing.  [I've never used Swing from Python -- I don't
have very heavyweight computers and try to avoid anything
Java-related.]  Though you can probably find more Swing
examples in Java than in Python....

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