stopping a while True: with the keyboard

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Benjamin <musiccomposition at> writes:

> On Sep 25, 8:19 pm, patrick <pured... at> wrote:
> > hi all,
> >
> > i am looking for a way to break a while True: when pressing "s" on my
> > keyboard. how can i do this?
> >
> > pat
> Ctrl-C

That's not a very helpful response, since it doesn't address the OP's

Patrick, the operating system "interrupt current process" keyboard
signal will cause Python to raise a 'KeyboardInterrupt' exception,
which unless caught will propagate back to the top-level Python
process and exit the program with a traceback.

On most operating systems, you can send this signal to the current
foreground process with the key combination Ctrl+C. I think that's
what Benjamin's laconic response is implying.

As for "detect a specific keypress", there's no OS-independent way to
do that. You'll need to write code that depends on a particular way of
getting at keypresses that won't work on all operating systems.

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