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Tue Sep 11 16:52:07 CEST 2007

John Timney (MVP) wrote:
> Thats all it is.  It may have been a usefully intended resource once, but 
> they have no controls whatsoever.  Its time someone closed it down.
What is it about "please do not top-post" that you have difficulty 
understanding? Or do "MVP"s feel that their time is so much more 
valuable than anyone else's that they are free to ignore the norms?

Furthermore, please don't do the spammer the favor of repeating the URL 
in yet another post. This only leaves further trails through the search 
engines for innocents to trip over.

Are you new to the Internet, or just generally clueless?

  Steve (B.Sc., MBCS, CITP)

> Regards
> John Timney (MVP)
> "Lew" <lew at> wrote in message 
> news:YaadnYyTWsmTAnvbnZ2dnUVZ_iydnZ2d at
>> John Timney (MVP) wrote:
>>> How do I control one with C# then!  Thats not on your site, clearly not 
>>> everything I need to know then.  Waste of a site!
>> Please do not top post.
>>> "knjaz" <knjaz0 at> wrote in message
>>>> Here you can find everything you need to know about car air
>>>> conditioning
>>>> http://....blogspot.spam/
>> I'm starting to see "blogspot" as a synonym for "spam".
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