why should I learn python

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> > Hallöchen!
> > Tom Brown writes:
> > > [...] Python has been by far the easiest to develop in.  Some
> > > people might say it is not "real programming" because it is so
> > > easy.
> > I can't believe this.  Have you really heard such a statement?
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> > Torsten.
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> but because I am really not much of a
> programmer, it is often too detailed for me).  I have limited time,
> but it does sound like something to learn, just for fun and for
> practical use.  How would you use it in a web development
> environment?

Python can be used as an apache module called mod_python and also as a
CGI language.

> I mean, in real practical terms.  Could it assist with
> php?

Since you said you are really not much of a programmer I wouldn't
consider learning two languages. I don't believe there is any tie in
between Python and PHP. It could assist in a Web application only in
the sense that you wrote part in PHP and part in Python. For Web
development PHP is, I believe, more prevalent and would be more of a
benefit on a resume. PHP use outside of a Web app is not very common
but is supposed to be possible so if your usage is primarily Web I
would go with PHP.

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