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Robert Kern robert.kern at
Thu Apr 10 23:43:25 CEST 2008

Bryan.Fodness at wrote:
> I have an array, and I would like to get the indice value.
> a = array([13,14,15,16])
> I would like something like a.getindice(15)
> If I want 15 it would return 2

You will want to ask numpy questions on the numpy mailing list. If you don't 
mention that you are using numpy here, people get confused.

Anyways, if your array is sorted, use a.searchsorted(15). If it isn't sorted, 
then you can find all of the indices equal to the value with the following:

   In [7]: from numpy import *

   In [8]: a = array([13,14,15,16])

   In [9]: nonzero(a == 15)[0]
   Out[9]: array([2])

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