So you think PythonCard is old? Here's new wine in an old bottle.

Fred Pacquier xnews2 at
Mon Apr 28 20:47:21 CEST 2008

John Henry <john106henry at> said :

> The performance of Qooxdoo is quite amazing - for a Javascript based
> web application.  Don't know about cell-phones though.  You can try
> their showcase web site I cited earlier.

Just for the record, Nokia Internet tablets (770, N800, N810) are the only 
things made by Nokia that are not cell-phones... They're ARM machines with 
a 800x480 4" screen, Wifi, Bluetooth, and Linux. And Python, pyGTK and 
Pygame. Probably pyQt next as they just bought Trolltech. But no wxPython.

I was not speaking of running just the client part in the device's browser, 
either - but the full Monty (haha) with the web server and the application 
engine, python, middleware and all. I'm doing it right now using a full-
blown framework (web2py), so it's not unreasonable. There's no Ajax in 
there though, so I'm wondering what kind of impact those tools you mention 
would have, server side.
> Yes, who would have throught we don't have to give up on Pythoncard?
Proof of superior vision, architecture and design, all that time ago...

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