Cheap Cabinets - Why You Don't Have To Sacrifice Quality To Find Cabinets At A Discount Price

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Kitchen Cabinets:,
With the demand for cheaper building materials and the rapid housing
boom a couple of years back, many kitchen cabinet manufacturers
started looking overseas for a way to make a cheaper kitchen cabinet.
In order to conform to the KCMA standards (Kitchen Cabinet
Manufacturers Association), they required the kitchen cabinet
manufacturing plants overseas to increase the quality of the materials
they used and increase the durability of the kitchen cabinets.

Discount kitchen cabinets or RTA Kitchen Cabinets up until this time
had been made of fiberboard or particleboard, with staples or dowels
holding the cabinets together. Many of the cheap kitchen cabinets at
that time had a veneer surface that would warp or buckle when it came
in contact with too much water. Because of these inferior features,
they didn't compare to the cabinets that were being manufactured in
the U.S.

With the improvements to meet the standards of the KCMA, {discount|
cheap} kitchen cabinets are now being built with solid plywood sides,
solid wood face frames and doors. and cam locks to hold the cabinet
together. Cheap Cabinets is no longer the right description for rta
kitchen cabinets. With the improvements in design and function,
discount cabinets started being imported by more and more companies to
provide an alternative to the name brand manufacturers in the US that
were asking, in some cases, 2-3 times as much for their kitchen
cabinets as discount kitchen cabinet importers were. Even the big box
stores started carrying their own lines of rta kitchen cabinets or
discount cabinets, in both knockdown and pre-assembled form.

There are some drawbacks to buying discount kitchen cabinets... most
manufacturers only carry 5-6 different styles or finishes, which
limits your choices. In order to get discount cabinets at their
cheapest price, you have to buy them rta or ready-to-assemble, which
requires additional time and labor to assemble them.

The good news is that with the cam lock assembly, most discount
cabinet lines only require a screwdriver to assemble them. So before
buying your new kitchen cabinets at retail price, may sure you stop to
take a look at discount kitchen cabinets or rta cabinets. Thanks for
improvements, it is now possible to get cheap kitchen cabinets at a
discount price.

I have been able to save thousands of dollars on discount kitchen
cabinets by buying RTA cabinets. If you are interested in finding out
my secrets,
go to my Kitchen Cabinets article at

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