Recommendation for Web Framework

James West jwwest at
Sun Apr 13 09:18:13 CEST 2008

Let me explain my situation a bit.

I've been contracted to develop an ecommerce site. It's nothing too 
huge but requires a lot of custom development that's not typical for 
your run of the mill webstore. I've got about three weeks to get the 
project delivered and I've written quite a bit of code already.

I'd like to find some sort of tool to generate some of the repetative 
bits like data management (think phpMyAdmin but for Python) so I don't 
have to write a stupid mangement script for every single module (users, 
customers, inventory, etc). I know there's tools out there that will do 
this for ASP code with a SQL server backend, but I haven't seen 
anything for Python outside of the web application frameworks.

Ideally, I'd like something like Ruby on Rails that would provide 
scaffolding support so I can bootstrap the system, so to speak. I've 
looked at Django, but the client is only running Apache 1.x and Python 
2.3. I've given Turbo Gears a try, but couldn't get SQLObject to run 
(threw an error that I didn't have time to struggle with). So basically 
I need something with low dependencies, easy to develop in, and 
releatively easy to deploy.

Anyone have any recommendations? I really need something on which I can 
ramp up quickly to get this project out of the door fast. I'm also a 
framework newbie, so I know there's a learning curve.

Any input is appreciated, thank you.

- james

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