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Wed Apr 2 01:10:00 CEST 2008

Steve Holden wrote:
> George Sakkis wrote:
>> On Mar 31, 10:41 pm, Ed Leafe <e... at> wrote:
>> In a sentence, it's better than nothing but worse than anything.
> So you are prepared to write off the voice of experience because some 
> random web pages contradict what Ed is saying?
> As Ed rightly points out, any sufficiently complex gun can end up 
> shooting you in the foot.
Lest my remarks should be thought disrespectful to Michele Simionato, I 
should point out that I am familiar with those comments, and they do 
correctly identify problems with super() which are in fact fundamental 
to any multiple inheritance scheme. So it was a little rude of me to 
refer to "some random web pages" there, and I apologize.

Ed is a good enough designer to avoid the corner cases. Strangely enough 
the one place where I have ended up making significant use of super() 
was in providing mixins for wxPython interface classes!

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