Can't do a multiline assignment!

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Apr 17 19:24:54 CEST 2008

s0suk3 at wrote:
> <code snipped>
> There! That's the whole code. I guess the way you suggest is simpler
> and a bit more intuitive, but I was figuring that the way I suggested
> it is more stylish.

Umm, doesn't defining all those members in the class lead to class
variables, not instance variables?  I believe the recommended way of
making it clear what instance variables to expect is to initialize them
all in __init__.  Currently in your implementation, each instance of
your class is going to share the same variables for all those fields you
defined, which probably isn't what you want.


class myclass(object):

    def __init__(self,test):

>>> a=myclass(3)
>>> b=myclass(6)
>>> a.classvar1=9
>>> a.classvar1
>>> b.classvar1
>>> a.instancevar1
>>> b.instancevar1

Also, your idea of checking the length of the headers to reduce the
number of string comparisons is a great case of premature optimization.
 First it does not clarify the code, making it harder to follow.
Second, since web servers are I/O bound, it likely does nothing to
improve speed.

So my recommendation is to use a bunch of self.HEADER_NAME=None
declarations in __init__().  This is the expected way of doing it and
all python programmers who are looking at your code will immediately
recognize that they are instance variables.

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