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> Which big aplications are written in python. I see its development,
> But i can't come up with a big name. I know that there are a lot of
> companys using python, but is there anythong big written only in
> python. I want him to fuck of with his perl once and for all time

Why are either of you so emotionally attached to the tools you use? 

I don't know your friend, but my guess is that he's not interested in a 
logical argument, so he won't be impressed even if you claim that God 
himself wrote the Universe in Python. I think he enjoys saying this 
stuff simply because you react to it. It's pretty sad that he can't find 
something better to do with his time. 

If Python works for you and Perl for your friend, you can each keep 
using the tool you prefer and be happy about it. 

In the meantime you might want to look for some friends that don't find 
your anger and frustration entertaining.

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