Python equivalent to PHP's SPL __autoload() ??

ici iltchevi at
Sun Apr 27 22:31:01 CEST 2008

On Apr 27, 10:34 pm, Ixiaus <parnel... at> wrote:
> I was curious (and have spent an enormous amount of time on Google
> trying to answer it for myself) if Python has anything remotely
> similar to PHP's SPL __autoload() for loading classes on the fly??
> After digging through docs I feel doubtful there is such a language
> feature, but, it is possible I missed something or maybe someone has
> written an extension?!?
> Thanks in advance!

from module_name include *
Can do the magic. You can't learn Python from helps or internet, got a
book. Learning Python: is a
very good start :)

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