Ignoring windows registry PythonPath subkeys

Thomas Heller theller at ctypes.org
Fri Apr 4 13:49:24 CEST 2008

Floris Bruynooghe schrieb:
> Hi
> We basically want the same as the OP in [1], i.e. when python starts
> up we don't want to load *any* sys.path entries from the registry,
> including subkeys of the PythonPath key.  The result of that thread
> seems to be to edit PC/getpathp.c[2] and recompile.
> This isn't that much of a problem since we're compiling python anyway,
> but is that really still the only way?  Surely this isn't such an
> outlandish requirement?

If you look into PC/getpathp.c *and* PC/dl_nt.c, you'll find that the registry key name
if constructed from static components plus a variable component named PyWin_DLLVersionString.
The latter is loaded from a string resource (with resource ID 1000, IIRC) inside the pythonXY.dll.

This string resource can be changed (even without compiling!); so this is a way
for you to force the lookup of PythonPath to a different registry key.  You can choose
something that probably does not exist.

py2exe does this also for 'frozen' executables, and so has complete control
over sys.path.


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