How is GUI programming in Python?

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The pain level all depends on how you go about it. If you try to builda GUI from scratch, it will be very painful. If you use a toolkit, thenit's pretty close to working with Swing. WxPython is the only one I've used, so Ican't give you a "best one". I can say that going from Swing to wxPython wasn't too difficult.

Here is the python wiki page with a bunch of the different ways to makecross-platform GUIs, if you want to just look at a couple. 

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I've always had an interest in Python and would like to dabble in it  
further.  I've worked on a few very small command line programs but  
nothing of any complexity.  I'd like to build a really simple GUI app  
that will work across Mac, Windows, and Linux.  How painful is that  
going to be?  I used to be really familiar with Java Swing a few years  
ago.  I imagine it will be similar.

Next, what would you say is the best framework I should look into?   
I'm curious to hear opinions on that.

Chris Stewart
cstewart913 at


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