Death of NNTP greatly exaggerated (was: Finally had to plonk google gorups.)

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at
Thu Apr 17 00:18:48 CEST 2008

Michael Torrie <torriem at> writes:

> I rarely use NNTP these days.  I access exclusively via e-mail,
> and that works very well.

I rarely use email for technical mailing lists these days. I access
such forums exclusively via NNTP <URL:nntp://>, and that
works very well.

> This official python list is one of the few lists that's even still on
> nntp.  All my other ones (gnome, gtk, openldap, clamav, freeradius, etc)
> are all e-mail mailing lists only and it works very well.  In fact, I
> think it's much better since list subscription can actually be
> controlled by someone.

Most technical mailing lists are accessible via NNTP on It
works very well.

Other discussion groups remain on Usenet, accessible via NNTP from
servers around the world that mirror each group. In fact, I think it's
much better since I can use any one of those servers, and the content
isn't locked up in one specific server.

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