[ulipad:2586] [ANN]UliPad 3.9 released!

Zoom.Quiet zoom.quiet at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 08:13:42 CEST 2008

good job!
enjoy now!

2008/4/25 limodou <limodou at gmail.com>:
>  UliPad is a flexible editor, based on wxPython. It's has many features,just
>  like:class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser, wizard,
>  etc. The main feature is the usage of mixin. This makes UliPad can be
>  extended easily. So you can write your own mixin or plugin, or simple script,
>  these can be easy and seamless integrated with UliPad.
>  New Features and Changes:
>  #. Add php.acp thanks for 魏振 <etggy at 163.com>
>  #. Replace old snippet with new snippet, more details please see
>  <`Snippet Howto <howto_snippet.htm>`_>
>  #. Binding F5 to editor but not MainFrame, and add F5(Refresh) support
>  in Directory Browser.
>  #. Improve python class browser, threading update, change some icons
>  #. Add indent cursor move functionality see <`Indent Moving Howto
>  <howto_indent_moving.htm>`_>
>  #. Improve threading document modification process, so you can get
>  better efficiency
>  #. Introduce meide(http://code.google.com/p/meide) project to simplify
>  the interface creation
>  #. Add FNB.FNB_DROPDOWN_TABS_LIST style to EditorCtrl
>  #. Change auto file check in Editor on_set_focus event handler
>  #. Change DDE to asyncore and asynchat framework
>  #. Change preference dialog from notebook to treebook
>  #. Add icon set theme support
>  #. Add strip line ending when saving functionality option in Preferences
>  #. Strip leading space when doing "Run in Shell"
>  #. Add auto detect python interpreter in windows platform
>  #. Improve ReST document render, and fix the setfocus lost bug when
>  auto modified
>    the html output, thanks a lot to ygao
>  #. Change setmenutext to use fix width to set the menu text, replace with '\t'
>  #. Chanage notebook left double click to right double click(enlarge
>  notebook size)
>  #. Add search text count in Find & Replace pane
>  #. Add line ending mixture check when saving file feature
>  #. Improve preference dialog input assistant checkbox process.
>    When you check the first checkbox(Enable input assistant) it'll
>    automatically toggle other 5 checkboxes.
>  #. Change new toolbutton to dropdown toolbutton, and it can remember the last
>    new file type(select new type menu first), then when you select new menu,
>    it'll create a new file with the last new file type
>  #. Improve command search and pairprog plugin caret display process
>  #. Add auto new version of UliPad check
>  #. Add slice language syntax support
>  #. Add auto pop up project setting dialog when adding directory to
>  directoy browser window
>  #. Add Open Explorer Window Here menu to editoctrl tab context menu
>  #. Add open snippet tool button, change open dirbrowser and open
>  snippet toolbutton to check toolbutton
>  #. Change ``explorer.exe %s`` as ``explorer.exe /e, %s`` in windows platform
>  #. Add copy filename to clipboard menu on document area tab context menu
>  #. Add wrap text feature, via [Edit]->[Format]->[Wrap Text...]
>  New Plugins:
>  #. canvas_test_plugin, you can directly test DC api
>  #. web2py_plugin, supply web2py shell
>  Bug fix:
>  #. Fix webopen twice open bug
>  #. Fix editor shortcuts key caption error
>  #. Fix if set DROP_DOWN_TABS_LIST style, right arrow will disappear bug
>  #. Fix utf-16 convertion bug
>  #. Fix mako tag auto complete bug #issue 14
>  #. Fix if lines are folded, when goto hiding lines will no effect bug
>  #. Fix DDE bug, thanks to LP <liupengf12 at gmail.com>
>  #. Fix webopen bug, can't correctly deal with 'mailto:'
>  #. Fix smart tabs bug
>  #. Fix copy and paste lineending is not correct bug
>  #. Fix tab invisible bug after changing size or changing the page title
>  #. Fix template line-ending not match the default line-ending setting
>  #. Fix password widget is not Password type widget bug
>  #. Fix script filename cannot be unicode(chinese) bug
>  #. Fix syntax check exception process bug
>  #. Fix ruler bug
>  UliPad has ported to code.google.com, so you can visit the new project site at:
>  http://code.google.com/p/ulipad, and also visit the new svn address. Recommends
>  using source version.
>  source version download: http://ulipad.googlecode.com/files/ulipad.3.9.zip
>  window exe version: http://ulipad.googlecode.com/files/ulipad.3.9.exe
>  maillist: http://groups.google.com/group/ulipad
>  ulipad snippets site: http://ulipad.appspot.com (hosted by GAE)
>  Hope you enjoy it.
>  --
>  I like python!
>  UliPad <<The Python Editor>>: http://code.google.com/p/ulipad/
>  UliSpot <<UliPad Snippets>>: http://ulipad.appspot.com
>  My Blog: http://www.donews.net/limodou

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