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Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at websiteburo.invalid
Thu Apr 24 07:46:51 EDT 2008

Torsten Bronger a écrit :
> Hallöchen!
> Bruno Desthuilliers writes:
>> [...]
>>> and it ends multi-line strings at single quotes.
>> it chokes on unbalanced single quotes in triple-single-quoted
>> strings, and on unbalanced double-quotes in triple-double-quoted
>> strings, yes. Given that I never use triple-single-quoted strings
>> (and don't remember having seen such a thing in the thousands of
>> third-part .py files I've read so far), I'd qualify this as at
>> most a very minor annoyance. Not having proper python-shell and
>> pdb integration is wwwwaaaayyyy more annoying IMHO.
> My formulation was unfortunate.  What doesn't work (at least for me)
> is something like
> """This is a docstring in which some "variables" are quoted."""
> Here, "variables" doesn't seem to belong to the docstring for
> python-mode.

Nope, but it doesn't break anything neither. At this stage, this is a 
less than minor annoyance to me.

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