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> Hy guys,
> A friend of mine i a proud PERL developer which always keeps making
> jokes on python's cost.
> Please give me any arguments to cut him down about his commnets
> like :"keep programing i python. maybe, one day, you will be able to
> program in VisualBasic"
> This hurts. Please give me informations about realy famous
> aplications.

IIRC, Python is used in games like Eve Online (SciFi MMO) and Vampire:
Bloodlines (RPG.)  Years later, a dedicated fan is still fixing/updating
the Bloodlines python scripts that control the dialogue and scripted

OTOH, I use Perl over Python when it comes to Windows COM scripts due to
finding a typelib that Python just refused to load.  *shrug*

Perl, Python, and your friend are tools.  Use them appropriately for the
given situation.

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