I just killed GIL!!!

sturlamolden sturlamolden at yahoo.no
Sun Apr 20 02:33:42 CEST 2008

On Apr 19, 10:29 pm, "sjdevn... at yahoo.com" <sjdevn... at yahoo.com>

> FWIW, NT's POSIX subsytem fork() uses (or used to use) the NULL
> SectionHandle method and was POSIX certified, so it's certainly
> possible.

Windows Vista Ultimate comes with Interix integrated, renamed
'Subsystem for Unix based Applications' or SUA for short. Interix is
even UNIX certified when a C compiler is installed. Windows also has a
OS/2 subsystem which has a COW fork. Yes it is possible. One may
wonder why the Win32 subsystem don't have this feature. Perhaps fork()
is unfriendly to threads, like fork on Linux used to be (or is?)
pthread unfriendly. Or perhaps M$ (MegaDollar) just did this to be
mean. I don't know. I see the lack of fork() in Win32 as one of the
major shortcomings of Windows.

Anyhow, I just downloaded the WDK which supersedes the DDK. The
examples in Nebbet's book do not build anymore, as there are invalid C
in the WDK header files. :-(

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