String Literal to Blob

Steve Holden steve at
Mon Apr 14 16:03:54 CEST 2008

Victor Subervi wrote:
> Thanks to all, especially Gabriel. The base64 is a good idea, but you 
> state a definite problem. I will look at your code at home 
> (offline)...thank you very much! It looks like the kicker is this line here:
> <img src='' alt='%s'>" % (picid, cgi.escape(title))
> Now, why didn´t you share that before????? I can see how calling a 
> separate script like that would work! Again, you should have shared that 
> before. How was I to think of that clever trick from the bare 
> information you gave me earlier??
> Steve, thank you for all your help, but do overcome your temper :))


I'm glad the penny finally dropped. You may have been treated to a 
modest display of exasperation, but please be assured you have not yet 
seen anything remotely like temper from me :-)

The thing I found difficult to understand was, given your assertion on 
April 9 "But I am persistent. And I have built dozens of Web site with 
images" that you hadn't already addressed these issues. I was clearly 
assuming too much knowledge on your part.

Hooray! You got it! Your persistence finally paid off, well done!

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