Obtaining a callable class method object from a specific class

Nathan Duran cocoa at khiltd.com
Thu Apr 10 23:41:22 CEST 2008

On Apr 10, 2008, at 1:25 PM, python-list-request at python.org wrote:
>  won't question why you want to do this...
> Here is a solution base on a metaclass, but it feels wrong.

> class MetaScore(type):
>    def __new__(meta, name, bases, attrs):
>        attrs.setdefault('score', score)
>        return type.__new__(meta, name, bases, attrs)

So you're saying to get rid of the inherited __dict__ entry altogether  
when the class is defined? I'm worried that this might be somewhat  
problematic since there's actually quite a lot of metaclass interplay  
going on already that might lead to one stepping on another's toes,  
but I may give it a shot.

Some more digging with different keywords turned up this obscure nugget:


"When a user-defined method object is created by retrieving a class  
method object from a class or instance, its im_self attribute is the  
class itself (the same as the im_class attribute), and its  
im_funcattribute is the function object underlying the class method."

I was under the impression that these were completely unbound, but it  
looks like I was misinformed. This appears to do what I need it to,  
but further testing is in order:

matchfunc = getattr(base, "Score", None)
if matchfunc and matchfunc.im_self == base:
     score += matchfunc(arg)

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