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En Tue, 15 Apr 2008 22:14:18 -0300, Patrick Stinson  
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> What's the current way to install an import hook? I've got an embedded  
> app
> that has a few scripts that I want to import each other, but that are  
> not in
> sys.modules. I intentionally keep them out of sys.modules because their
> names will not be unique across the app. They will, however, be unique
> between scripts that I (do* want to see each other).
> Basically, I want to return a certain module from a name-based filter.  
> I've
> already written a type in C with find_module and load_module, but it  
> doesn't
> seem to work when I add the type to sys.path_hooks. I wrote a simple one
> that worked just fine from a pure script file run through python.exe.

 From that description alone I can't say what's happening; you should post  
some code.
Also, if your importer isn't disk-based, perhaps using sys.meta_path is  

Gabriel Genellina

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