So you think PythonCard is old? Here's new wine in an old bottle.

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Sat Apr 26 17:46:49 CEST 2008

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John Henry  <john106henry at> wrote:
>But then I looked closer.  It turns out the XML file created by
>QxTransformer is *very* similar in structure when compared to the
>resource files used in PythonCard.  Since there are no GUI builders
>for QxTransformer, and I can't affort to buy the one for Qooxdoo
>(Java!  Yuk!), I decided to roll up my sleeves, took the Pythoncard's
>Layout Manager and modified it and created my own "Poor Man's Qooxdoo
>GUI Layout Designer".

Cute!  When you have working code, please do upload to PyPI.
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