So you think PythonCard is old? Here's new wine in an old bottle.

Fred Pacquier xnews2 at
Sun Apr 27 21:23:30 CEST 2008

John Henry <john106henry at> said :

> Welcome to the modernized world of Pythoncard!!!

Hey, that's really neat !

I remember dabbling in Pythoncard in the early days, some years ago, it was 
a very interesting project. I gave it up eventually, partly because it 
seemed somewhat abandoned (I see it's still stuck in 2006 ?), but mostly 
because the wxPython dependency was either unavailable or too hefty for the 
sort of machines I was interested in using it on (a Sharp Zaurus then, now 
Nokia Internet tablets). Since then I've been doing web apps instead, 
hosted and used on the devices themselves.

So using Pythoncard as a designer for web apps, of course that rings a 

Do you have any idea of the computing requirements of Qooxdoo and 
QxTransformer, compared to a native Pythoncard app ? I wonder if your stuff 
would run acceptably on today's mobile platforms (the Nokias have a Firefox 
derivative that is reasonably competent at javascript), and would give it a 
try if it's not too arcane.

Do keep us posted !


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