ANN: pry unit testing framework

Aldo Cortesi aldo at
Sat Apr 5 23:30:59 CEST 2008


> Kay at least has a long history as a contributor in this group, so 
> people know how to interpret her remarks and know that her contributions 
> are made on the basis of a deep understanding of Python. She is far from 
> belonging to the "peanut gallery", and to suggest otherwise betrays 
> either ignorance, arrogance, or both.

While I'm not a regular poster on this list, I have been reading it for
nearly 10 years, so I probably have more context here than you suspect.
At least one mail to this list and a number of personal emails to me
suggest that it is Kay and and indeed you who are temporarily out of
line with the tone of the list. A more impartial re-reading of the
debate so far might make you judge my final, admittedly angry, response
more fairly.



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